Thursday, August 27, 2015

Webskills Online Course – Week 10

Today`s Friday the 28-th, 2015. It is the last day of the course and I feel myself so embarrassed and perplexed because I got used to the daily checking my E-mail and going to the school computer classroom almost everyday during those hot summer ten weeks. I have enjoyed a lot reading my peers` discussions and comments, looking at their resourses. The course-participants are very diligent and hard-working teachers one can ever find nearby, so I am so lucky and happy to be among these wonderful people for ten weeks !!!!
For not to be verbose and sound proofless, I must say that all the topics and tools were successful, useful and relevant. I am twice happy that all the Web tools have worked for me with my slow connection to the Internet. All the tasks and assignments were well planned and designed that they have bucked up me and didn`t allow to drag my feet. In general, the whole course is like a shot in the arm and so, all the knowledge gained will stead me much in the future work. I`ll suggest to try the tools like Voxopop and Voicethread to improve the listening and the oral speech, they wouldn`t work well for me though.
In whole, the course is great and helpful for all the EFL teachers, I am so grateful for the organizers -  University of Oregon | American English Institute | eTeacher Program Webskills - Course Website. Thank you!!!!

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